June 24, 2011



The Summer Solstice passed last week and The New York Times reported in “Celebration, and Mourning, on a Day with Lingering Sunlight” that we are divided in how we see this moment. Some of us rejoice in the onset of summer. Others are mourning the shortening of days.

For those of us who have reached our own solstice, the day when we realize that our time on earth is likely to be shorter than the days we have lived, there is a similar divided response. Some of us focus on retirement, others look to reinvention. Investment advisors Read the rest of this entry »

April 29, 2011

About Us


Yesterday you showed up in droves. In one tweet Deepak Chopra illuminated the power of community. Deep gratitude, to each and all of you. You have asked to know more about me. Here is a start. And I very much hope to read your stories. The comment box awaits!

In 2009 Deepak Chopra and Robert Thurman lectured in NYC at the Tibet House. They spoke about the importance of overcoming the fear of death. I heard them, knew this fear lived inside of me, and searched for how I would approach it. Although all wisdom traditions possess this understanding, I chose Read the rest of this entry »