July 15, 2011



At the recent memorial service of our family friend David, his friends had a lot to say. And they said it in his words. Speaking from over 5000 saved emails, text messages and fb posts, his soul was revealed. This archiving was powerful, both provocative and revealing.

I frequently instruct my kids that every word they write, and text is permanent. I do this to allay a false sense of privacy, to protect them Read the rest of this entry »

April 29, 2011

About Us


Yesterday you showed up in droves. In one tweet Deepak Chopra illuminated the power of community. Deep gratitude, to each and all of you. You have asked to know more about me. Here is a start. And I very much hope to read your stories. The comment box awaits!

In 2009 Deepak Chopra and Robert Thurman lectured in NYC at the Tibet House. They spoke about the importance of overcoming the fear of death. I heard them, knew this fear lived inside of me, and searched for how I would approach it. Although all wisdom traditions possess this understanding, I chose Read the rest of this entry »

April 14, 2011



Will you die with your secrets?

Will your secrets die with you?

Often they don’t.

Secrets are a presence in our lives whether we are consciously concealing our own, or keeping those of others. It’s a game of hide and seek. Few are immune from the desire to learn a secret or divulge one. It may be time to consider the reasons for your secret. Are you protecting yourself, or an image of yourself that you maintain for others, children, parents, friends or the general public? Consider a moment after your passing when your secret may be revealed. How will the knowledge be received? Will your legacy be marred, Read the rest of this entry »