September 21, 2011



I am back to it. The blog, work, home and kids to school. The return greeted by an earthquake, a flood and 9/11.

Earlier this summer I watched the last Harry Potter film, Deathly Hallows-Part 2. The final scene is of the adult Harry, Hermione and Ron sending their children off to Hogwarts, a place of magic and terror.

At the time I wondered if I would do the same. Voldemort is dead, so is Osama bin Laden, but terror remains. Would I do it? Send my kids off into the threat of evil? I thought not. But I just did.

Last week, as my iPhone flared with terrorist threat alerts, I escorted my daughter to her chorus performance at Columbus Circle in New York City for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. She sang “Give Us Hope” surrounded by visible police and undercover security. The next morning, I packed off my husband and son for an away Little League game. They left two hours early in order to pass through the security checkpoint stations as they cross a bridge to Brooklyn. It feels insane to live this way.

Earlier this morning my Facebook wall presented photos of the 9/11 Memorial and the name of my dear friend’s sister engraved in the wall. Other photos were of the waterfall rushing into a drain in the ground. An intense reminder which doesn’t seem to “give us hope.”

Death is inevitable. I am aware of the threat, the potential for harm, but the fear is not present. Not sure where it lives. Somewhere inside of me? Somewhere outside of me? I know it’s there. And I know that there is little to do in this moment, but stand on the platform and pray for the magic.

May 4, 2011

Kiss of Death


Last Friday morning my son woke up and watched the wedding. It was his 9th birthday, and although he has no real interest in royalty, (Derek Jeter aside) he felt it gave his birthday some impact. Walking to school his eyes sparkled with anticipation of a special day.

Three days later, on Monday morning my son woke up and watched the news of Bin Laden’s death.

We had not discussed much about 9/11 with him. At the time he was in utero. But now Read the rest of this entry »

March 31, 2011



On 9/11 I was one month pregnant, living in NYC. Our son, now nearly 9 years old, is a member of a grade of children who were in utero or newborn when the terror struck. The event is not covered in our elementary school curriculum. Frightened of terrorizing the innocent, we are often silent and frozen. A parent of our son’s classmate, Alissa Torres, was also pregnant on 9/11. She lost her husband and father of her unborn son on that day. She has Read the rest of this entry »