June 24, 2011



The Summer Solstice passed last week and The New York Times reported in “Celebration, and Mourning, on a Day with Lingering Sunlight” that we are divided in how we see this moment. Some of us rejoice in the onset of summer. Others are mourning the shortening of days.

For those of us who have reached our own solstice, the day when we realize that our time on earth is likely to be shorter than the days we have lived, there is a similar divided response. Some of us focus on retirement, others look to reinvention. Investment advisors Read the rest of this entry »

May 15, 2011

The Buried Life



Death is not exclusively the concern of aging boomers, seniors or the elderly. Two years ago MTV launched The Buried Life documenting four 20-year-olds on their journey to live a life of their dreams. They created a bucket list of the 100 things they wanted to do before they die. For every item they cross off their list, they help a stranger Read the rest of this entry »

April 18, 2011



The Academy Award winning The King’s Speech is available on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow.

Paul Simons’ CD So Beautiful or So What was released last week.

Though I knew the outcome, I was anxious throughout the film. I sense that I am as caught up in the drama of my own life. I worry. Even when I ask myself, “If I knew that I would die quietly in my bed at 100, that my loved ones and I would lead the lives of our dreams, would I still worry?” I know I would.

On the days when my path seem clear, Read the rest of this entry »