November 16, 2011



I love the New York Times. Just a few years ago when the paper’s future was seriously in question I said to a friend “I couldn’t live without the NY Times.” She mistook my passion for melodrama. To my sustainably inclined husband’s chagrin I insist that we receive the print version daily. My computer’s opening page is Okay, I’m a junkie.

Regardless if I die of natural causes, or because of grief for the now unlikely passing of the paper, the NY Times wouldn’t cover my death. Well, maybe when my book finds a publisher, and we break new ground in death consciousness. Well, maybe, but only if they review the book or interview me. A retired New York Times obituary writer informed me that there is very little chance of having your obit appear in the publication, if they didn’t cover you in life.

This editorial protocol is felt deeply in the obituary coverage at the paper. Of the 36 New York Times Read the rest of this entry »

July 6, 2011

What If


What if I told you that a dead man has spoken to me? That he gave specific guidance, and it all came true? Would you believe me? Let’s say you would. Now what? What are the implications in knowing that there is a dimension where the past can speak to the present about the future? For me, it’s overwhelming. Should I l Read the rest of this entry »

July 1, 2011

Susan Fried Perl, Modern Day Existentialist


A wonderful holistic wellness website, Venus In Balance has published a profile of yours truly. Please take a look!

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