July 6, 2011

What If


What if I told you that a dead man has spoken to me? That he gave specific guidance, and it all came true? Would you believe me? Let’s say you would. Now what? What are the implications in knowing that there is a dimension where the past can speak to the present about the future? For me, it’s overwhelming. Should I l Read the rest of this entry »

April 4, 2011

Shop ’til ya Drop


Coffins have gone couture, green, DIY, custom, and even “big box.” The ultimate retail therapy? Creepy? Scary? Maybe, but for those of us who have purchased one for someone else, we know that having this taken care of earlier is a gift. Read the rest of this entry »

March 28, 2011



Jason Polan is a NYC artist with a mission, a passion, and a project: everypersoninnewyork.blogspot.com

I am trying to draw every person in New York. I will be drawing people everyday and posting as frequently as I can. It is possible that I will draw you without you knowing it. I draw in subway stations and museums and restaurants and on street corners. I try Read the rest of this entry »